About Us

Our Story

Bethey is born to be a complement to the social networks of the moment and to offer superfans the unique opportunity to have access to the lives of their favorite influencers.

We want Bethey to be the place where these creators can feel at home, and have the total freedom to upload content that they would not upload on other social networks, without any cover-ups, prejudices or filters. This is more personal, close and familiar content never seen before by their biggest fans, with Bethey being the link between the two.

It is clear that times have changed, and increasingly there is a need to see that the people we follow and admire have a real life beyond a simple collaboration with a big brand.

Now more than ever, users want to see reality and naturalness. The important thing is no longer to be, but to be. Bethey was born, to offer that closeness and transparency that is lacking in the digital world.

Mission, Vision and Values

To entertain, connect, innovate and contribute.
To host all the fan communities of the world's most important creators, and with their help, contribute to the most relevant social causes on the planet.
Effort, optimism, solidarity and transparency.

Nuestro compromiso social

Our social commitment

One of the main values and pillars of the Bethey brand is that it has a solidary soul, as we will donate at least a % of the income to social causes, leaving it up to the users to choose which project they want to donate to. We will also encourage celebrities by offering them to donate to projects with which we have a collaboration agreement.

Some of the first entities that have joined Bethey's initiative are MSF (Doctors Without Borders), the Association Against Cancer (AECC) and the Elena Barraquer Foundation.

Our team

At Bethey we are a team of recognised experts in entrepreneurship, technology and public relations, united by the same enthusiasm. All operations are centralized from our headquarters in Barcelona. An agile, effective, motivated and results-driven team.
Heidi Tort
Juan Varón