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How does bethey work for the creator?
How to start in bethey?
How to bring your fans to bethey?
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Be Transparent
Bethey is a platform where content creators can visualize their revenue in real time on the app's dashboard.
Be Real
Our business model allows content creators to publish freely, with no commercial commitments.
Be a Promise
Our application supports new talents, offering them the opportunity to make a name for themselves and be the next generation of content creators.

How does Bethey work for the creators?

Download the app!
Create your profile!
Upload your first video!
Start earning money!
¡Descarga la app!
¡Crea tu perfil!
¡Sube tu primer vídeo!
¡Empieza a ganar dinero!

Monetización de la app

Monetization of the app

Bethey revolves around a Revenue share model based on the direct monetisation of content (pay-per-unique view) that will allow you to have control over your income efficiently and in real time. A different way to get a relevant and direct economic return on your content.
The application is free to download and the model for charging the user is by bundles or packs, which include a specific number of video views.
Payment will be per unique view and once a month you will receive a one-off payment of the bundle to your account.
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If you are a content creator and you want to start monetising for all your content, we tell you how you can do it in 5 easy steps:
Hook with the first 6 seconds of the video
Create an attractive line of content
Be 100% exclusive, your content can only be on Bethey
Be supportive, donate the % you want to social causes
We don't want advertising or sponsors, we want you
How to bring your fans to bethey?
  1. Create a user on Bethey
  2. Go to your main profile screen
  3. Select the option 'Become a content creator'
  4. Fill in the form with your details
  5. And wait for us to contact you!

How to bring your fans to bethey?

Previews 6 s'
Link to video
Previews 6 s'
Link al vídeo

Other social media strategies

Like and follow profiles that watch your videos on Bethey.
Reminders that you have a Bethey profile and upload daily content.
Encourage other users to join Bethey.
Create groups on other channels (to send download links, video links...).
Dar likes y seguir a perfiles que vean tus  vídeos en Bethey.
Recordatorios  que tienes perfil de Bethey y subes  contenido diario.
Incentivar a otros usuarios para que entren a Bethey.
Crear grupos de Telegram (para envíar links de descarga, de vídeos...)

Be a Promise

At Bethey we are committed to new talents, offering them the opportunity to make a name for themselves and be the next generation of content creators.

Active promises

Pau, Carlota and Nacho are already enjoying their adventure at Bethey, alongside TOP content creators.

Do you want to be next?
Would you like to attend our events and meet your favorite influencers?
Several fans have already attended the Villa Bethey and have been able to meet their biggest idols.
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